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Upper Hale Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 0LR

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As well as offering informal advice and support to parents at our sessions we also provide a outreach service where we can provide a more structured support programme.

At the Children’s Centre we have two outreach workers who can offer support to families at the centre or in their homes.

The types of support we can offer might include,

  • Helping families who are new to the area and might be isolated.
  • Supporting parents with behaviour management strategies
  • Parenting courses and parenting skills.
  • Sleep advice
  • Feeding and starting solids advice
  • Partnership working with nurseries, health visitors, midwives and children’s services.

Please contact one of the outreach worker Pauline Parrott or Amy Goodyear if you feel you would benefit from our outreach service. 01252 734288