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Talking Teens Parent Group

A relaxed, friendly course for parents of pre-teens and teenagers. This group helps parents to deal with these challenging years for a calmer, happier family life.

This 4 session programme has been developed by Family Links in partnership with Dr John Coleman. They have used knowledge about how the brain develops during adolescence to increase parents understanding of teenagers feelings and behaviour and they link this understanding with some key strategies for maintaining and improving relationships. This course is suitable for anyone in a parenting role.

Each week includes theory, discussion and practical solutions which can be applied in their own situations.

Topics covered include:

  • Being a parent of a teenager, the role of parents for teenagers and responding to difficult feelings
  • Understanding your teenager, understanding teenage development, parenting styles, praise and criticism
  • Communicating with your teenager, talking and listening, communicating clearly and handling difficult issues
  • Managing conflict, rules and boundaries, choosing how to respond and problem solving

Please check out our calendar for course dates and call us for booking and further information.