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Steps into Pre School/Nursery

On this course you will work with the tutor and other parents and carers to learn how to best support your child’s transition to pre-school or nursery. For the last half hour of each weekly session you will join with the children’s group and work together with your child on a fun activity.

We will cover a range of topics that may include:

  • EYFS guidance- how do children learn?
  • How to encourage independent skills e.g.
  • dressing, toileting and teeth cleaning.
  • How to encourage social skills of sharing and
  • turn-taking
  • Physical development
  • Ways to develop good eating habits

This is a FREE course for parents and carers with their child aged 2-4 years

Please contact Hale Sure Start Children’s Centre 01252 73288, or email childrenscentre@hale.surrey.sch.uk for course details