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Advisory Board

Hale Sure Start Children’s Centre is managed by the school and has a named link governor who liaises between the centre and the School Governors. As well as this each centre is required to have an Advisory board in place to advise, challenge and support the centre.

The Advisory Board is made up of parents, partners and support staff from Surrey County Council. We at Hale are very lucky to have a really supportive and wide range of partners that attend our meetings. The chair for the last 4 years has been a parent whose voices are probably the most important.

Other members of the current Advisory Board are the headteacher, school governor, Health visitor, Midwife, nursery managers and teacher, Homestart coordinator, local residents, parents, representatives from adult learning organisations, family support worker, Surrey County Council Centre advisor.

We meet once per term when challenges are set, priorities are discussed and local needs taken into consideration.

The date of the next Advisory board is 10th May 2017 at 1.00