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Health Visitor

Health Visitors Clinic is held in the Bungalow on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month

Hale Children’s Centre has a close working partnership with the Health team to work together to improve our services to local families and ensure a healthy start for babies, children and families.  This is achieved by:

  • Working alongside the Health Visitor Team in supporting local families e.g. Hale Children’s Centre run a Baby Group alongside the Health Visitors Weigh in Clinic, attends joint visits to families with the Health Team, has provided group and 1-1 advice for families in conjunction with the Health Team in areas such as sleep, weaning , feeding and answering concerns about parenting.
  • Good and regular communication with the Health Visitor Team
  • The Health Visitor team is a regular and valuable member of the Hale Children’s Centre Advisory Board who hold regular meetings and help to set objectives for the Children’s Centre.